Certificate in Balustrade Installation

We are very excited to offer this new industry qualification. The three day  course will deliver the theoretical knowledge and practical application of balustrade installation. Filling gaps in knowledge and focusing on legislation, codes and standards, understanding the producer statement systems and risk requirements for balustrade installation including the risks of mixing systems or substituting components. Practical projects will be relevant and varied using several different proprietary systems.

The first course will be held on 2/3/4 February 2021 at GGI in Wellington.

The cost is $995+GST for Association members and $1,495+GST for non-members. Numbers are limited.

Contact Brett Francis to register – brett.francis@wganz.nz

Workshop Topics Skill Standard
Balustrade types – standard and proprietary systems including pool fencing.
Safety Glass types and their uses
Identifying glass types appropriate for the system and situation being presented
Balustrade types – standard and proprietary.
Rails and handrails per clause D1/AS1
Exclusion of glass fences and swimming pool fences
Durability requirements???
Handrails, Stairway ramps compliance re height and fixing, function / purpose and types available.
Interpret and apply codes of practice and industry standards – Building Act 2004, H & S in Employment Act 1992, NZS 4223:3: 2016 Glazing in Building – Human impact safety requirements, AS/NZS 1170;0;2002 Structural design actions – General Principals.  AS/NZS 1576;1;2010 Scaffolding – General requirements (Code clauses B1/VM1 and B2/AS1) (Code clause F4) (AS/NZS1170.1) (AS/NZS1170.2) (AS/NZS2208) (NZS4223.1:2008) 28205
Substrate suitability – know when an engineer report is required – weight wind loading, extreme conditions with concrete and timber substrates (how to check? What to look for? Questions to ask?)
Compliance – weight / wind loading, council, safety regulations for glass height/ type / thickness/ exposed edges
Guidance on Barrier Design
Reading & Interpreting specifications of sketches and plans noting variances. Create sketches 2545
Producer Statement and Documentation
Make a Template – variances identified & calculated using data lines, laser measuring. Template designed & produced in accordance with job specifications (workshop & site) template cutting made in accordance with worksite requirements. 26079      1.1 – 1.6
20520       1.4
Scaffolding – Know the regulations around scaffolding under 5m. Checked for compliance with H & S legislation requirement before it is used. 20520       1.5
Customer requirement confirmed – design details, dimensions, drawings & specifications, product information, site operational procedures 20520      1.1
Installation site check which includes measurements site floor levels and allowance for floor finishes, suitability & location of fixing provisions, plumb surrounds and / or level, any installation hazards or problems. 20520       1.3
Installation Techniques which include free standing, cantilevered type infill type
  • Set out fabrication and installation of channel sections or fittings for the type of glass balustrade installation meets design, the job specifications and worksite requirements
  • Fittings and fixing methods – gaskets, bolt tightening torque
  • Installation of glass meets the job specification and worksite requirements
  • Operations are completed without injury to personnel or damage to product & equipment
  • Installation is cleaned & work are is left clear and cleaned
  • Customer advised of relevant maintenance requirements
20520     2.1
20520      2.2
20520      2.3
20520      2.4
20520      2.5
PS 1 and PS3 – sign off, purpose, legal responsibilities