Certificate in Balustrade Installation

We are very excited to offer this new industry qualification. The three day  course will deliver the theoretical knowledge and practical application of balustrade installation. Filling gaps in knowledge and focusing on legislation, codes and standards, understanding the producer statement systems and risk requirements for balustrade installation including the risks of mixing systems or substituting components. Practical projects will be relevant and varied using several different proprietary systems.  View a pdf copy of the programme here

The first course will be held on 9/10/11 February 2021 at GGI in Wellington.

The cost is $995+GST for Association members and $1,495+GST for non-members. Numbers are limited.

Contact Brett Francis to register –


There’s never been a better time than now to consider a career in Glass & Glazing or Architectural Aluminium Joinery. With a skills shortage in both industries, once you’re a qualified professional, you’ll be in high demand.

Working in Architectural aluminium joinery or Glass & Glazing aren’t just jobs – they are professional careers. Once you’re working in the industry you can further your career by doing an apprenticeship and getting qualified. You’ll be setting yourself up for ongoing employment as a well-paid tradesperson. You’ll also open up opportunities to do further study in supervision or site management, go to university, or start a business and train your own apprentices.


Architectural Aluminium Joinery

3,000 people are needed for new and replacement roles in Architectural Aluminium Joinery by 2024.

Architectural Aluminium Joinery involves the machining and fabrication of aluminium products into joinery items.

Aluminium doors and windows are widely used in New Zealand residential and commercial buildings. The industry needs qualified professionals to manufacture and install aluminium joinery to meet building code requirements. Careers in aluminium joinery range from machining, fabrication and assembly of joinery items through to the estimation, quotation and installation of the finished product.

BCITO manages apprenticeships for aspiring aluminium joiners.

Glass & Glazing

2,700 people are needed for new and replacement roles in Glass & glazing by 2024.

Glass and glazing specialists are involved in the processing and/or installation of glass in the construction and automotive industries.

Correctly fitting glass is essential for letting in the right amount of light, framing views correctly, and providing protection from the elements.

BCITO manages apprenticeships for aspiring Glass & Glazing professionals.

Our Members

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