Why choose a member?

Choosing a Window & Glass Association member provides some important benefits for consumers. Benefits that lead to greater peace of mind, better building performance, and better long-term support for your window, door and glass installation.


Manufactured to
industry standards

Members undertake to manufacture windows, doors and glazing elements, including all their component parts, compliant with all relevant mandatory standards. This means they meet energy, durability and weather tightness standards.


Installed to industry

Not all members are involved with the installation of their products, but where they are you can be assured you are getting a solution that will be compliant and safe.


It’s easy to identify

Members have their Annual Practising Certificate and Code of Ethics on public display in their showroom or offices and are entitled to include the Association membership logo on their signage and literature.


Members are accountable

Codes of Practice include conducting business honestly, and meeting guarantee and warranty terms. There is also a customer disputes process run through the Association.  You can read our Compliments, Suggestions, and Complaints policy here.


Members sign up to a
Code of Ethics

Members know the Association has processes for protecting the rights of consumers and improving industry best practices. By subscribing to the Association, they automatically support our Code of Ethics


Find skills for any speciality

You can find certified members for all aspects of window, door, and glass supply and installation, including all forms and configurations of windows and doors, components, glass balustrades, showers, splashbacks, general glazing, and repairs.


Risks of not using an
Association member

If your supplier is not a member of the Association, we encourage you to carefully consider whether you really want to purchase from someone who does not actively support the industry’s core values. We cannot help with any disputes you may have with non-members.

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