Code of Ethics

All members must support and comply with this Code, which provides the minimum standards of competence and conduct required of them in promoting the Window & Glass Association’s mission of creating a better, safer and healthier built environment for New Zealanders.


Members shall maintain a high standard of integrity and professionalism, and apply honesty, objectivity and fair dealing in all aspects of their operations.


Members must deliver what is agreed under their contract with the client and meet all guarantee and warranty terms. Where there is a dispute, they ensure that the appropriate dispute process is followed.


Members shall adopt positive environmental practices  in  respect of premises, equipment, operations and consumption of resources. They will actively minimise any negative environmental outcomes and have systems and programmes in place to achieve this.

Good Faith

Members shall work with their staff, subcontractors, customers and other people with whom they come into contact, with dignity and respect, deal with them in good faith, and treat them with equality and without discrimination.

Health and Safety

Members must at all times actively manage the health and safety of their staff, customers, subcontractors and the general public and take all reasonable steps in their work practices to keep people safe from injury or harm. Members shall have a Health and Safety Management Plan which complies with legislation.


Members must follow recognised best  practice  and  provide products and services that meet or exceed the minimum performance  requirements of the relevant New Zealand Codes and/or  Standards.

Professional Development

Members are encouraged to continuously develop their knowledge, skills and expertise, through participation in education, training and technical workshops, seminars, conferences, and contribute to the collective wisdom and body of knowledge of the profession.