Double Glazing Manufacturers

IGUMA (Insulated Glass Unit Manufacturers Association) is a group of Glass Processors who have agreed to an (independently verified) testing regime.  Your IGUMA Member supplier can provide you with a copy of the current compliance certificate for the product you are purchasing.

NZS4223.2:2016 requires IGU to be tested and demonstrate compliance.  IGUMA members who comply with IGUMA-BS EN1279 testing also comply with the requirements of Section 5 of NZS 4223.2:2016.  Paragraph 5.1.3 of the standard refers to the “Acceptable period between tests” and requires compliance testing to be conducted at least every two years. The ‘Audit Date’ column in the table below refers to the last completed test.

Region Member Address Audit Date
Auckland FMI Ltd 100 Carbine Rd, Mt. Wellington 02.04.24
Glass Team Ltd 11 Volger Dr, Wiri 08.07.21
80 Langley Rd, Wiri 08.07.21
Metro Performance Glass 5 Lady Fisher Pl, Highbrook 17.04.23
NZ Glass & Glazing 1 David McCathie Pl, Silverdale 24.02.21
Viridian Glass 15 Waiouru Rd, Highbrook 10.05.22
Waikato Architectural Glass Products 137 Swayne Rd, RD1, Cambridge 12.10.23
CM Glass Ltd 5 Norris Ave, Te Rapa, Hamilton 04.07.23
Glasslines NZ Ltd 296 Peake Rd, Cambridge 11.05.22
Wellington Metro Performance Glass 18 Jamaica Dr, Grenada North 05.05.22
Nelson Viridian Glass 9 Tokomaru Pl, Stoke 22.06.22
Christchurch FMI Ltd 53 Izone Dr, Rolleston 08.11.23
Stake Glass 3 Distribution Ln, Sockburn 09.08.22
Metro Performance Glass 700 Halswell Junction Rd, Hornby 18.07.23
Viridian Glass 25 Pilkington Way, Wigram 22.05.22

Identification of Insulating Glass Units

The New Zealand Building Code Clause B2 (amendment 9, January 2017) modifies NZS 4223 Part 2 as follows:

5.3 Marking

Insulating glass units shall be permanently and clearly marked. As a minimum, marking shall include the following:

a) The name or registered trademark of the manufacturer or supplier;

b) The date of manufacture (use the year as the minimum), and

c) Complies with NZS 4223.2:2016.

Marking shall be visible after the IGU has been installed, and must be legible and durable for the life of the unit.


  • Etching and permanent laser marking are acceptable means for marking insulating glass units.  Externally affixed adhesive labels are not acceptable.
  • Additional Marking may be used by the manufacturer.