Field Testing Program

There are occasions when the on-site or field testing of a window, door, or façade element is required to establish weathertightness of the unit and/or its installation. The Window & Glass Association Field Testing Program has been developed in line with widely accepted field testing procedures to establish a reputable field testing Industry in NZ, recognized by Councils, façade engineers and other building officials:

  • To ensure field testing is performed and reported on consistently, fairly, and accurately, in line with the Associations accreditation program
  • To provide a structured approach to field testing
  • To drive a better understanding of which tests are applicable to a given situation
  • Ensuring the correct use of appropriate and calibrated equipment
  • Ensuring priority and recognition given to those who have achieved Association accreditation

Field Testing Procedure Manual

The Field Testing Procedure Manual clearly describes the procedures required to select, test, and report on the weathertightness of a window, door, or façade element and/or its installation. The Manual is aligned with AAMA test procedures but more clearly defines the test requirements for NZ conditions.

The current version of the Manual can be downloaded here

Accreditation Program

The Window & Glass Association Field Testing Accreditation Program is under development and will be posted here shortly.