The Windows & Glass Association conducts examinations in the practical understanding of the New Zealand Standard for glazing in Buildings.

Graduates must attain a 100% pass mark in written examinations on the practical interpretation of NZS4223:Part 3:2016.

The examination is an independent attestation that the graduates are, at the time of the examination, conversant with the requirements of the above Standard.

Producer Statements authored by graduates have a high level of credibility and are recommended to TA’s as the preferred source.

Territorial Authorities, Architects and Designers can contact the graduates for assistance with the interpretation of complex glazing issues and requests for assistance with training sessions.

The Window & Glass Association is continuing to expand the network of advisors and this list will continue to expand as new graduates become available.

The Window & Glass Association records its thanks to the member companies that sponsor their employees into this programme.

We have national and international recognition as a highly respected, compliant, self-regulating body; this is reflected in our high membership levels, with the majority of window, door and glass businesses in New Zealand being certified members of the Association.

Register of Graduates of the New Zealand Glass Standard Advisor Certificate:

Whangarei Deni Vanin Metro Performance Glass
Whangarei Dennis Henson Phoenix Windows and Doors
Whangarei Jeannie Daley Viridian Glass
Mangawhai Nick Brassett North Glass
Auckland Aaron Cooper Metro Performance Glass
Auckland Adam Prescott JW Projects
Auckland Alethea Fenton Metro Performance Glass
Auckland Alex Hernandez Metro Performance Glass
Auckland Alex McDonald Fairview Window Solutions
Auckland Alexander Blakeley Thermosash Commercial
Auckland Alice Parkin Rylock North Shore
Auckland Amanda Yu Glass Relate
Auckland Amy Hu Viridian Glass
Auckland Andrew Voigt Euroglass
Auckland April Pei Metro Performance Glass
Auckland Bea Opperman Metro Performance Glass
Auckland Becky Neshat Euroglass
Auckland Blair Williams Metro Performance Glass
Auckland Brian Hyland Metro Performance Glass
Auckland Bryce Imms Architectural Glass Products
Auckland Cassie Wang Auckland Glass
Auckland Cesar Villagomeza III Viridian Glass
Auckland Chris Hayes Thermosash Commercial
Auckland Claudia Mackenzie 2k
Auckland Conrad Edwards Woods Glass
Auckland Craig Chetty Thermawood
Auckland Dale Glassey Metro Performance Glass
Auckland Daniel Tye Platinum Hardware & Glass
Auckland Danielle Gandela Inhabit New Zealand
Auckland Darryl Mac Architectural Glass Products
Auckland Dexter Cheng Glass Projects
Auckland Diane Lee Design Engineers
Auckland Donovan van Niekerk Woods Glass
Auckland Doug Lockhart FMI Building Innovation
Auckland Eddie Qian Metro Performance Glass
Auckland Edward Ring Thermosash Commercial
Auckland Eleanor Jackson Euroglass
Auckland Glenn Sandall Euroglass
Auckland Grant Nicoll NZ Glass
Auckland Greg Yim Metro Performance Glass
Auckland Hannah Waldron Thermosash Commercial
Auckland Hao Wei Wong Woods Glass
Auckland Harjot Singh Sekhon Glass Team
Auckland Harrison Fulton Thermosash Commercial
Auckland Isaac Mortera Metro Performance Glass
Auckland Jack Cassidy Woods Glass
Auckland James Robertson Woods Glass
Auckland Jamie Simpkins Metro Performance Glass
Auckland Jayden Holmes Woods Glass
Auckland Jianhao Wu Stars Glass
Auckland Jinsoo Choe Viridian Glass
Auckland Joe Rae Woods Glass (NZ) Ltd
Auckland John Aranui Glass Projects
Auckland John O”Connor Woods Glass
Auckland John Randall Viridian Glass
Auckland John Wan Metro Performance Glass
Auckland Jonathan Staveley Windowmakers
Auckland Joshua Han Metro Performance Glass
Auckland Kenneth Chiu Woods Glass (NZ) Ltd
Auckland Lawrence Tuiletufuga Metro Performance Glass
Auckland Lindsay Yu Metro Performance Glass
Auckland Lisa Javier Thermosash Commercial Ltd
Auckland Lisa Roest Haynes Glass
Auckland Lloyd Anthony Euroglass
Auckland Lorelie Orense Wight Aluminium
Auckland Marius Ackerman Thermosash Commercial
Auckland Mark Allpress Metro Performance Glass
Auckland Mason Laurent Woods Glass (NZ) Ltd
Auckland Matthew Hayne Haynes Glass
Auckland Monique Elwell Metro Performance Glass
Auckland Murray Clark Glass Projects
Auckland Nick Reid Auckland Glass
Auckland Oscar Sha Wang Design Engineers Ltd
Auckland Paul Jones Woods Glass
Auckland Paul Keen Windowmakers
Auckland Qi Wang JW Projects
Auckland Rachel Hancock Metro Performance Glass
Auckland Rhys Pemberton Metro Performance Glass
Auckland Robyn Gibbard Metro Performance Glass
Auckland Rodney Maker Glass Team
Auckland Sam Lee Metro Performance Glass
Auckland Sarah Mare Metro Performance Glass
Auckland Sathyanarayanan Srinivasan J W Projects
Auckland Sean Owbridge Metro Performance Glass
Auckland Setefano Tone Dormakaba
Auckland Steve Solberger Glass Projects
Auckland Steve Wilson Glass Relate
Auckland Steven Ball Woods Glass (NZ) Ltd
Auckland Sudarshan Kadam Viridian Glass
Auckland Sunprett Singh Metro Performance Glass
Auckland Toby Devine Metro Performance Glass
Auckland Toby Gribble Woods Glass (NZ) Ltd
Auckland Troy Rippingale Woods Glass (NZ) Ltd
Auckland Vicki Chen Euroglass
Waikato Brad McLeod Metro Direct
Waikato Calvin Prier CM Glass Ltd
Waikato Corey Smith CM Glass Ltd
Waikato Dave Bamford Metro Direct
Waikato Dylan Holland Viridian Glass
Waikato Glenn East Metro Direct
Waikato Hayden Ashton Metro Direct
Waikato Kelly-Anne Clothier Architectural Glass Products Ltd
Waikato Logan Black Viridian Glass
Waikato Maria Teinakore Metro Performance Glass
Waikato Melita Iremonger Architectural Glass Products Ltd
Waikato Nick Carter Wight Aluminium
Waikato Romalyn Enriquez Architectural Glass Products Ltd
Waikato Shea O’Hallahan CM Glass
Waikato Warrick Dicken Architectural Glass Products Ltd
Taupo Ange Toon Retroglaze Network LP
BOP Aaron Tobeck Metro Performance Glass
BOP Bede Roberts Bay Glass & Glazing
BOP Brad Watson Metro Performance Glass
BOP Bryan Rhodes Viridian Glass
BOP Debbie Lightfoot Viridian Glass
BOP Derek Mason Metro Performance Glass
BOP Drenna Leenstra Viridian Glass
BOP Gill Darroch Metro Performance Glass
BOP Katie Benjamin Metro Performance Glass
BOP Khan Appleby Viridian Glass
BOP Leanne Fowler Viridian Glass
BOP Malcolm Chew Bay Glass & Glazing
BOP Nicklaus Rod Metro Performance Glass
Hawkes Bay Blair Harvey Toop Aluminium
Hawkes Bay Gayleen Brown Glenn’s Glass & Aluminium
Hawkes Bay Julie Williams Toop Aluminium
Taranaki Steve Bennett Metro Performance Glass
Palmerston North Brad McLean NZ Windows
Palmerston North Catherine Fairweather Metro Performance Glass
Palmerston North Charmaine Farquhar Central Glass
Palmerston North Grant Honey Metro Direct
Palmerston North Greg Lochhead Metro Direct
Palmerston North Kaustub Savant Viridian Glass
Palmerston North Theresa Grace Metro Performance Glass
Wellington Alan Thompson Metro Direct
Wellington Andrew Pink Wellington Glass & Mirror
Wellington Angela Jarvis Master Glaziers
Wellington Ariana Snowden Glass Group
Wellington Byron Mather Metro Performance Glass
Wellington Cameron Ombler-Vrey Glazing 360
Wellington Casey Gill Glazing 360
Wellington Cory Murray Viridian Glass
Wellington Declan Bowers Viridian Glass
Wellington Frinellopy Wee Glass Group
Wellington Gareth Hamill Metro Performance Glass
Wellington Giles Dodge Metro Performance Glass
Wellington Graeme Fletcher Metro Performance Glass
Wellington Grant Hockings Master Glaziers
Wellington Jacob Hepburn Metro Direct
Wellington James Grayson Glazing 360
Wellington Jason Kenny Metro Performance Glass
Wellington Karl Rigarlsford Architectural Glass Products
Wellington Keryn Leger Wellington Windows & Doors
Wellington Lucas Li Woods Glass
Wellington Mark Bridger Viridian Glass
Wellington Matt Kingi Master Glaziers
Wellington Mike Nicholls Metro Performance Glass
Wellington Molly McFarlane Woods Glass (NZ) Ltd
Wellington Nathalie Reid Metro Performance Glass
Wellington Nikos Bouzalakos Metro Performance Glass
Wellington Paul van Zyl NZ Installs
Wellington Pradeep Kumar Master Glaziers
Wellington Sam Sarcich Viridian Glass
Wellington Samantha Douglas Master Glaziers
Wellington Shaun Missen Glass Group
Wellington Sriteja Narayana Glass Group Limited
Wellington Tegan Porter Wellington Glass & Mirror
Wellington Terry Huang Metro Performance Glass
Wellington Troy Estreich Metro Direct
Blenheim Garry Boyd Viridian Glass
Nelson Aaron Dempster Metro Performance Glass
Nelson Amy Hardcastle Metro Direct
Nelson Andrew Cooke Viridian Glass
Nelson Ash Gaskell Glass and Window Solutions
Nelson Blair French Nulook Solutions
Nelson Braden Rowe Viridian Glass
Nelson Brett Sheehan Metro Performance Glass
Nelson Emma Byrne Nulook Solutions
Nelson Glen Fleming Metro Direct
Nelson John Blight Metro Performance Glass
Nelson Kevin Lowe Viridian Glass
Nelson Louise Clinton Metro Performance Glass
Nelson Lynne Hackett Viridian Glass
Nelson Jacqui Clayton Viridian Glass
Nelson Matt Gaines Contour
Nelson Matthew Ludemann Metro Direct
Nelson Shane Mockler Metro Direct
Nelson Shaun Wood Metro Direct
Nelson Stephen Scott Glass Solutions NZ
Nelson Timothy Stonier Viridian Glass
Nelson Wade Geyer Richmond Glass
Nelson Wayne Marshall Metro Direct
Greymouth Jason Dellaway Design Windows
Christchurch Aidan Jackson Metro Performance Glass
Christchurch Alana Duncan Hagley Windows & Doors
Christchurch Antony Harrison Metro Performance Glass
Christchurch Ben Larter Canterbury Glass
Christchurch Cliff Griffin Metro Performance Glass
Christchurch Colin Eaton Woods Glass
Christchurch Courtney Williams Metro Performance Glass
Christchurch Daniel Martens Metro Performance Glass
Christchurch Darryn Gross Metro Performance Glass
Christchurch David Ivory Metro Performance Glass
Christchurch David Parkinson Alutech Windows & Doors
Christchurch Dominic Yong Viridian Glass
Christchurch Eric Zhang Hagley Windows and Doors
Christchurch Greg Lawrence Winstone Glass
Christchurch Hamish Clarkson Metro Performance Glass
Christchurch Heidi Rout Stake Glass
Christchurch Jeff Jackson Metro Performance Glass
Christchurch Joanne Fagg Metro Performance Glass
Christchurch John Witty Woods Glass
Christchurch Keri Chamberlain Metro Performance Glass
Christchurch Kerry Munro Monarch Aluminium
Christchurch Kevin Fountain Metro Performance Glass
Christchurch Khristine Wong Metro Performance Glass
Christchurch Korey Waipouri Metro Performance Glass
Christchurch Kristin Monoy Thermaseal Double Glazing
Christchurch Krystal Grant Viridian Glass
Christchurch Mark McKay Metro Performance Glass
Christchurch Martin Kinsella Metro Performance Glass
Christchurch Martin Mitchell Glaziers Inc
Christchurch Matthew Dockery Metro Performance Glass
Christchurch Maurice Earl Architectural Glass Products
Christchurch Max Westbury Metro Performance Glass
Christchurch Michael Sun Hagley Windows and Doors
Christchurch Mike Bowden Woods Glass NZ Ltd
Christchurch Natasha Lorimer Euroglass
Christchurch Nick Hardy-Jones Metro Performance Glass
Christchurch Nick Radley Woods Glass Ltd
Christchurch Nicola Loasby Metro Performance Glass
Christchurch Nigel Walls Woods Glass Ltd
Christchurch Paul Willmott-Dalton Glass Relate
Christchurch Reed Yambasef Metro Performance Glass
Christchurch Reuben Raney Euroglass
Christchurch Robert Bradley Metro Performance Glass
Christchurch Samantha Malcolm Metro Performance Glass
Christchurch Sarah Cowan Metro Performance Glass
Christchurch Sarah Webster Metro Performance Glass
Christchurch Shaun Carter Metro Performance Glass
Christchurch Thomas Keller Stake Glass
Christchurch Tim Andrews Stake Glass
Christchurch Timila Shetty Hagley Windows & Doors
Christchurch Troy Simpson Metro Performance Glass
Christchurch Zane Thompson Stake Glass
Timaru Barry Tucker Glass Specialists (Timaru) Ltd
Queenstown Lorenzo Iamundo Metro Performance Glass
Queenstown Kris Horsnell Lakeland Glass
Queenstown Paul Hutchinson Remarkable Glass
Dunedin Dion Johns Metro Direct
Dunedin Hanno Hinds Viridian Glass
Dunedin Jamie Waller E13 Performance Windows
Dunedin Jason Bezett Viridian Glass
Dunedin Louise Stuart Metro Performance Glass
Dunedin Mark Rowley Viridian Glass
Dunedin Matt Lamb Thermawood Otago
Dunedin Matthew Hall Viridian Glass
Dunedin Michael Jenkins Viridian Glass
Dunedin Samantha Crawford Viridian Glass
Cromwell Alan Pentelow Metro Performance Glass
Cromwell Daniel Rolton Metro Performance Glass
Cromwell Jacques Nieuwenhuis Viridian Glass
Cromwell Kirk Donnelly Viridian Glass
Cromwell Morgan Clark Viridian Glass
Auckland Steve Wynn Metro Performance Glass
Cromwell Steven Bachop Metro Performance Glass
Cromwell Thomas Brown Onpoint
Invercargill Brendan Monaghan Metro Direct
Invercargill Caleb Edminstin Invercargill Glass and Mirror
Invercargill Cherie Winder Invercargill Glass and Mirror
Invercargill Eli Edminstin Invercargill Glass and Mirror
Invercargill Scott Hamlin Invercargill Glass and Mirror
Invercargill Jonny Nuttall Metro Direct
Invercargill Sam Coupe Metro Direct
Invercargill Stew McDonald Metro Direct