90-day trial periods for all employers

All employers are now able to use 90-day trial periods to help them check out new employees. Previously it was only available for employers with up to 19 employees.
The employment agreement templates in the Members’ section of the RVA website have been updated accordingly. There are a few things to remember –
• 90-day trial periods can only be used for new staff. Previous employees are not covered.
• The 90-day trial period must be included in an employment agreement, which must be signed before the employee starts work.
• 90-day trial period clauses have very specific wording.
• The work visas issued to certain immigrants have specific requirements, which may restrict the use of 90-day trial provisions in their employment agreements.
Please call the helpline if you would like to start using 90-day trials but have concerns.
Fair Pay Agreements
As alluded to in last month’s newsletter, the Fair Pay Agreements Act has been repealed.
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