Advicewise August update

This month – changes to the  Fair Trading Act, extension of unfair contract terms to cover standard form small trade contracts, prohibition on unconscionable conduct.  Read more here

1,854 ultra-transparent glass panels

The Albert Einstein Education and Research Center (AEERC) is part of a larger hospital complex and measures 12,000 sq m.  The outer skylight is made up of 1,854 ultra-transparent glass panels, coated with triple-silver solar protection to reduce heat gain, and printed with a pattern of translucent ceramic dots to shade sunlight,” explained the firm. “The glass has minimal reflectivity to avoid disturbing exterior reflections. The inner layer of the roof is a transparent membrane, micro-perforated to absorb noise and printed with a custom pattern of translucent dots that provide shading, but also glow in the sunlight.  The increasing density of dots towards the East and West ends shades low-angle sun, while the center dome is entirely clear, allowing full sunlight to reach the denser planting in the center garden. As seen from below, the overlapping layers of dots, is like seeing dappled sunlight through the overlapping leaves of a tree, evoking the feeling of being under a tree canopy.  Read more here