Upgrading your existing windows

It’s one thing to specify the ideal windows and glazed doors in a new build. Here are some considerations and options for upgrading what you already have.

Why upgrade?

There are many reasons why you might choose to upgrade your existing windows:

  • To improve thermal performance,
  • To improve acoustic performance,
  • To reduce air infiltration and drafts,
  • To change the colour to match a proposed renovation, or
  • Because they are simply getting old and tired.

Replace or retro-fit?

There are two ways to go about achieving any or all of these functions:

  • Replace the windows entirely, including new glass, or
  • Retro-fit new glass to your existing frames.

Replacement windows

The term refers to the removal of your existing windows and having brand new windows installed in their place. This most often happens where old timber windows are replaced with new aluminium windows, but, more and more, older aluminium windows are being replaced with newer materials. Refer to our ‘Choosing frame materials’ guide for more information on your frame options.

Retro-fit glazing

With this option the glass in your existing windows is replaced with glass designed to meet your requirements, without removing your existing window or door frames. The process is quick and unobtrusive, ensuring the connection between your windows and the wall is not interrupted. Refer to our ‘Choosing glass’ guide for more information on your glass options.

Will I need a consent?

In most cases the Building Act 2004 allows for the repair, maintenance and alteration of windows without the need for a building consent. Your manufacturer/supplier will be able to confirm that your project meets the required criteria.

Who do I talk to?

Use the search function in our ‘Find a member’ tab to locate someone in your area. Most window manufacturers offer a replacement window service and most glass suppliers offer a Retro-fit service.