2022 – International Year of Glass

Over the past 60 years, the General Assembly of the United Nations has acknowledged important fields of international endeavour and their contributions to society by declaring United Nations International Years.  The International Commission on Glass are applying to have the year of 2022 declared as the Year of Glass by the United Nations.  Based on worldwide enthusiasm for this initiative and our knowledge of protocol necessary for passage of this resolution, a UN Year of Glass is indeed feasible.  A UN endorsed Year of Glass would truly be a worthy celebration of glass as the most transformative material in the history of humankind, and would signal the Dawn of the Glass Age.  The initial aim is a successful resolution at the UN General Assembly in July 2020.  UN protocol requires letters of endorsement from many organizations from across the world. Are you interested in participating?  Are you willing to write a letter of endorsement for the proposed Year of Glass?  More information here and here